Inside knowledge 

We’ve used the boats you’ll charter! We’ve used yachts from the fleet operators we recommend.

The charter industry is a funny business, what most brokers and agents won’t tell you is that they don’t own, nor have any financial interest in the sailing vessels which you’ll charter through them. As brokers and agents, we are simply “connectors” who ascertain your requirements and connect you with a yacht from a fleet operator in your preferred location. What if we were to tell you, that the majority of brokers and agents have never visited the fleet operators base and almost without doubt will have never chartered or used a yacht from that fleet operator, let alone inspected that fleet. 

This is where Sail The Med is very different.

We are also a tour operator who’s been running small boutique flotillas in the med since 2005. We’ve covered almost every imaginable route across 9 different countries. We’ve learnt the hard way, through trial and error, which fleet operators provide the best maintained yachts, great service and don’t partake in any funny business when it comes to returning your deposit. Our trials and tribulations mean we partner with select fleet operators across Croatia, Greece, Mallorca, Italy & Turkey.

Not only do we have existing relationships with these operators, but we have chartered their yachts, inspected their fleet and have warm and cordial relations with their fleet members. Our preference is to direct our clients to those fleet operators that we know and trust – ensuring you a trouble-free holiday, excellent service and the best routes.

Of course, if you’re driven purely by price, we can still offer you a full range of market prices for all 16,000 yachts in the med. We can provide you with other client feedback for fleet operators which we have not personally chartered ourselves. 

A badly serviced yacht, a late handover or a dispute about the deposit can really dampen your holiday. Book with Sail The Med and we’ll connect you with our chosen partners to ensure you avoid doing business with an unknown entity. Ask your existing broker whether they have personally used a yacht or inspected the fleet of the companies they work with and you’ll discover why we’re unique in the market. 

Detailed itineraries

 We’ve sailed every route!

We’ve been sailing the Med since way back in 2005, in this time we’ve personally chartered for over 50 different weeks covering over 30 different routes. We’ve collated a rich library of information ranging from the best anchorages, marinas and town quays. Perhaps less available is the inside information we have, including contact details of harbour masters, less well-known marinas, restaurants which provide free moorings and other businesses which will be of benefit to you throughout your week. 

For the experienced charterer you’ll know how frustrating it can be in high season, coming into a marina or town quay late in the day, only to be told that “we’re full”. Imagine having inside knowledge, not only about the best time to arrive to secure a spot but also the contact details of local marinaros, harbour masters and restaurant owners who could ensure that you have priority over other boats. This information we’ve collated over 14 years as a flotilla operator and we don’t share publicly, however become a customer of ours by bareboat chartering through Sail The Med and we’ll provide you with knowledge so rich and you’ll be the envy of all your sailing friends.


We’ll beat our competitors!

Unlike many traditional brokers and agents in the market, we don’t need a fancy office, a multitude of staff or an expensive marketing budget. We don’t target Google and the vast majority of our clients are customers who’ve been on one of our flotillas and/or word of mouth through our principal’s engagement in the sailing community as a keen racing yachtsman. As a result, we don’t have the overheads that our competitors have BUT we have access to exactly the same broker & agent IT systems with access to exactly the same fleet operators and exactly the same yachts.

Whilst our key USP is looking to connect our clients with yachts from fleet operators who we know and trust through our own chartering experiences, if your primary driver is price, then we will – in the vast majority of experiences – beat our competitors on price. Found a better deal elsewhere, bring it to us and we’ll save you some money.