One of the most famous coastlines, not just in the Med but the whole world, the Amalfi Coast evokes old school Italian Glamour and offers some seriously great sailing. Not only is it a UNESCO heritage site thus preserving its beauty, a week chartering your own yacht means you can stop as many times as you like to feast on one of the world’s most loved cuisines, the Italian food and wine.

DAY 1 – Positano

You’ll start this week in Salerno, a fascinating town. If you arrive early, explore the palm tree lined Lungomare, shop the narrow streets, medieval churches and sample the many trendy wine bars of this town. Be sure to appreciate new ferry terminal, designed by the formidable late Zaha Hadid. We’d advise setting sail that afternoon and mooring in the most picturesque part of the Amalfi Coast. The multi-coloured houses built into the cliffside is a sight to behold. A favourite destination of the Roman aristocracy in centuries gone by. Soak up the ambiance strolling the piazzas and. Meet your crewmates, enjoy a spritz as the sun sets before we tuck into a delicious Italian supper.

DAY 2– Capri

Today we suggest heading for one on the most iconic islands in the Med. Even if you’ve never heard of the other places we’re visiting during this glamourous week, you are bound to have heard of Capri. The playground of the mega-wealthy, A-list celebrities and royalty alike. Conjuring up images of old school glamour and glitz, Capri is a very special island and you’ll soon understand why it has been pulling people in for centuries. 2000-year-old temples and ruins, lemon groves, a hot but impressive hillside walk and we haven’t even touched on the Blue Grotto. You can anchor on the south side of the island in the quaint Marina Piccola.

DAY 3– Procida

To avoid the crowds, you could take the dinghies out early morning to the awe-droppingly beautiful Blue Grotto. What a way to start the day. Back for breakfast on the boats before sailing across the Gulf of Naples to the island of Procida. The smallest island in the bay of Naples and some would say it’s best kept secret. Its incredibly down to earth islanders give the island a super chilled out feel. You can enjoy the fresh fish and Aperol spritzes whilst watching the sun set.

DAY 4 – Ventotene

Today you could make our way West, away from the Gulf of Naples, out into the Med to the Pontine Islands. If you thought Procida was down to earth, Ventotene is epitome of relaxation. With yet more colourful houses to enjoy, for the history buffs the island is home to Ancient roman ruins and the neighbouring island of Santo Stefano used to be a former prison. Then bed down for the night after enjoying dinner in one of the many wonderful tavernas.

DAY 5 – Ischia

Bask in the glory of waking up and enjoying breakfast in the wake of one of the most idyllic locations in the med. Then sail east, stopping for a little tow rope fun in the open sea – if you’re brave enough! Arriving mid-afternoon to the island of Ischia, also known as the “garden of Europe” because of its diverse vegetation. Thermal spas, hot springs, hidden beaches, secluded coves, vineyards and botanical gardens, this island is truly paradise.

DAY 6 – Sorrento

We’d suggest setting sail in the morning across the bay of Naples, taking full advantage of the beautiful caves and inlets as you go, cooling off in the welcoming turquoise Tyrrhenian Sea. Heading to the pretty town of Sorrento. Ideally located, this charming town offers spectacular views across to Naples in one direction, Capri in the next direction and perhaps the most impressive of them all, Mount Vesuvius in another. Eat your way into the night at one the delicious restaurants, finishing off with a nightcap of Sorrento’s biggest export – a lovely Limoncello.

DAY 7 – Salerno

As you sail your way westwards, you could stop for a midmorning exploration in the dinghies to the impressive Emerald Grotto. A series of stalagmite filled caves with the most incredible colour water. Then make your way back to Salerno with a few more swimming, snorkelling and exploring to do on the way. Spend your last night in port, before bidding farewell to your pals having shared the most delightful slice of Italy together this past week.