One of our favourite itineraries, the chance to experience two very different island and two very different countries! Sardinia is an incredibly beautiful place, sheltered bays, stunning scenery and exquisite cuisine. Corsica offers hundreds of coves, welcoming white beaches, plenty of anchorages and enchanting old town centres

Day 1 – Portisco

Starting in Portisco you can visit the most expensive real estate in all of Europe (Porto Cuervo), marvel at the incredible architecture as you imagine buying your dream holiday home. You’ll have something to be smug about as you sip your gin and tonic on the deck of you yacht, ready to set sail in the morning for a glorious week sailing this almighty island.

Day 2 – Porto Cervo

Seize the day and head off early morning north east, sail between anchored mega yachts on the Costa Smeralda – the highest concentration of Super yachts anywhere in the world. You can spend the day people watching, snorkelling, soaking up the reality that you have a whole week of this. Enjoy a night in harbour at Capo Ferro or Porto Cervo if you’re after a cheeky night out on the town.

Day 3 – Isola Maddalena

Begin the day with a special sail into the stunning beach and waters of the Maddalena Archipelago, a group of islands between Sardinia and Corsica. We’d suggest stopping at Isola Maddalena and spending the night in harbour at Cala Gavetta Marina. Here the Sardinian gastronomic specialities await. Hike up to the Guardia Vecchia viewpoint behind the town for panoramic views of the glittering Strait of Bonifacio.

Day 4 – Isola Budelli

Stop at as many islands and secluded coves as you like on your way towards Isola Budelli, one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. Visit the Famous pink sands of Spiagga Rosa beach and spend the night at anchor here in secluded bays ideal for snorkelling and swimming.

Day 5 – Bonifacio

The ‘piste de resistance’ of a Sardinian sailing trip is Bonifacio harbour on the southern tip of Corsica. Without a doubt the most beautiful harbour in all the Mediterranean – truly something to behold.

Day 6 – Spargi

Sail south from French Corsica back into Italian waters – did we mention you get 2 countries in 1 week? Stop again by the Maddalena islands but this time the island of Spargi. Spargi island has many species of protected birds, there’s also the Maritime Museum which has artefacts and remains from Roman ships.

Day 7 – Portisco

We’d suggest making the most of having your own yacht and making a visit to the tiny island of Tavolara which rises an impressive 600m out of the sea. With macchia and pine trees sprawled over most of the island with lots of typically Sardinian style single storey stone cottages dotted in between, this quaint little island is a perfect lunch stop, before making your way back north to Portisco.